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Our scalp also needs care and moisture to strengthen the hair root. DermaOXY SHAMPOO both leaves your hair clean, beautiful and shiny and with the active hyaluronic acid maintains the moisture balance in the scalp and hair follicles. Your scalp gets a boost of vitamins, amino acids and peptides that increase the hair cells’ oxygen uptake, increase hair growth and counteract scalp diseases.


is an intensive scalp treatment that stimulates blood flow and makes the scalp and hair follicles healthier and stronger. The scalp is nourished with an active complex of fatty acids and vitamins that have a beneficial effect against infections, strengthen the hair and make it particularly suitable for sensitive scalps.



The daily cleansing of your facial skin is essential to get the most out of the care products. DermaOXY FACEWASH gently and effectively removes fats, dirt and makeup from your skin without removing all moisture. In addition, it has a mild exfoliating effect, leaving your skin soft, fresh and radiant.


To get a nice and natural glow and achieve optimal effect of the care products, it is important to remove dead skin cells and impurities with a gentle scrub with nourishing and active ingredients.

With the gentle exfoliation, you gently cleanse your skin with a special composition of apricot kernel flour, rosehip kernel flour and powdered almond shells. The content of oil from avocado, nuts, carrot and vitamins E and F at the same time stimulate the formation of new skin cells and have a nourishing and rebuilding effect on the skin.

With dermaOXY EXFOLIATING SCRUB you also take good care of the environment. We do not use plastic balls, but instead organic seeds from the apricot fruit.

dermalRollings & INTENSIVE Collagen Care Serum

DermalRollings utilizes the skin’s own healing ability and increases the production of collagen. At the same time, the dermalRollings technique helps for a much better absorption of serum and cream. DermalRollings is a roller with 192 sterilized, surgical microneedles of steel of 0.2 mm. It creates microscopic holes in the epidermis, the epidermis that can neither be seen nor felt. The treatment boosts your skin’s own production of collagen, because the skin immediately starts ‘repairing’. It will strengthen your upper skin layer, increase elasticity and thus reduce fine lines and wrinkles. With regular use, your skin will feel smoother and stronger after just 2-3 weeks.

Start your skincare routine with an extra boost of moisture and an effective firming of your skin. DermaOXY X-LINK COLLAGEN CARE SERUM has an astringent effect on the collagen fibers and prevents the skin from collapsing. At the same time, your skin’s own production of collagen is stimulated, so that in just 14 days your skin gets a fuller and firmer expression. The active ingredients in dermaOXY X-LINK COLLAGEN CARE SERUM activate both cell building and cell renewal, so that your skin will eventually gain greater strength and be built up of new, strong cells. DermaOXY X-LINK COLLAGEN CARE SERUM is especially effective on the vertical lines of your face. By adding extra moisture with cross-linked hyaluron, both the upper and lower layers of your skin get the most optimal conditions to strengthen its own processes and thus reduce the signs of aging.

dermaOXY Limited Edition

dermaOXY Limited Edition is a series consisting of 3 products which form the cornerstone of daily skin care and will fit most needs. The set consists of a unique moisturizing cream, as well as a restorative and stimulating serum. Furthermore, a delicious Eye Gel comes with the set which provides optimal care and reduces bags and dark circles under the eyes, it is so delicious that after just 3 minutes you can apply make-up, completely without problems.

The foundation stone is the same in all 3 products, and therefore the skin has an easier time absorbing the important ingredients, which means that the skin begins the rebuilding and protective process faster.

  • dermaOXY X-LINK COLLAGEN Cream

dermalRollings & INTENSIVE Serum + Hydra Creme

A dermaOXY set with dermalRollings, INTENSIVE Serum and Hydra cerme is for you who want to perform the ultimate home treatments. First, roll the desired area with dermalRollings, then apply INTENSIVE serum. The many microchannels created by the roller increase the absorption of serum o & creams which make dermalRollings the optimal pre-treatment before applying skin care products! 

Let the INTENSIVE serum penetrate the skin, and then apply hydra cream to add extra moisture and nourishment to the skin. It may vary how long the serum takes to penetrate properly into the skin but as a starting point we recommend giving INTENSIVE Serum at least 5 minutes to penetrate properly into the skin.